The TFS Program at a Glance


TFS Success Factor Teaching Overview Chart

TFS Faculty e-Mentor Program Overview Chart

The program begins with an overview of the six teaching success factors that under girds 12-sections of TFS teaching Improvement resources. It is designed to boost instructor teaching clarity, competence, and confidence--the three pillars of teaching for student success and completion.

1. e-Mentor Program Resource Library
2. Weekly Tips
3. Professional Networking

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Program Section Descriptions
(More than 1500 pages)

TFS QuickCourse Postive Classroom Discipline

    QuickCourses help faculty acquire basic knowledge and adopt foundational success skills of teaching today. QCs are designed for self-study and use by new and inexperienced adjunct and full-time faculty. It is recommended that faculty load these documents onto a personal digital device of their choice. This will enable learners to enter information pertinent to their teaching situation.

Eleven QuickTools, 54 pp.

TFS QuickTools

    QuickTools offer a dynamite set practical teaching forms, templates, checklists, etc. to aid you in doing the work of everyday teaching faster and better. Some of the topics are Lesson plans, Laboratory Assessment, Lab Safety, and Problem-based Learning,

Main Ezine Archives, 24 Issues, 192 pp.

TFS Ezine Archives

   In the main TFS Ezine archives, faculty will find an amazing compilation of the best of TFS periodicals noted for their wide variety of ideas and level of excellence in teaching innovative instructional practices.

Forty-four Mindset Insights, 61 pp.

TFS Success Building Mindset Insights for Teaching

    A set of 44 high-achievement tips and strategies to help faculty and their students attain goals and reach higher levels of personal and professional success. These Insights teach faculty what high-performance individuals do, how they do it, and how they think about what they do. When faculty share insights with their students, they create a double win. Insights provide engaging content for student success discussions,

The Solutionary

TFS QuickTools

     Unique to TFS, The Solutionary, provide faculty with a huge selection of teaching and learning ideas that are a searchable, treasure trove of shared best-practices, and teaching ideas that are indispensable to finding solutions to hundreds of teaching challenges.

QuickAnswers, 70 Topics, 181 pp.

TFS QuickTools

   QuickAnswers: Do your adjunct faculty seem to have questions about teaching that you or your staff don't have time to answer? TFS has a section packed with simple and clear answers. QuickAnswers are especially helpful to new faculty to understand common terms and concepts prevalent in education.

QuickTips, 3 Sets of 10 Tips each

TFS QuickTools

   QuickTip Sets are chosen to help instructors add a variety of quick, best practices to their teaching. QuickTips strengthen instructional confidence.

Rapid Help Guides, Three FAQ Topics

TFS QuickTools

Rapid Help Guides: Help for teaching special high-impact, active learning sessions. Three high concern areas are covered: learning retention, review techniques, and all about testing. Three Guides, 99 pages


Teaching as an Adventure, Ezine Series

TFS Adventure Ezine Series

Each Adventure in Teaching issue is like attending a seminar on teaching improvement complete with action steps for quick skill development. Five e-zine issues, 60 pages


Mobile-sized Tips Series, 10 Tips

TFS Adventure Ezine Series

Are your instructors on the run? Faculty may load The Go-Mobile TFS Tips, on to their favorite mobile platform. Then, they will have them instantly ready for reference if and when they need help fast. Ten tips and 10 pages.


Success Factor Teaching Applications

TFS Adventure Ezine Series

Success Factors—Application Ideas: Concepts grouped by factors that help you learn how to apply this new approach to your teaching skill development. Six Factors, 103 pages.


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