Teaching For Success e-Mentor Program for Adjunct Faculty

The TFS Adjunct and Full-time Faculty e-Mentor Program

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Specializing in Providing Resources for Effective Instruction and Student Retention

e-Mentor, a New 3-Element Faculty Development Approach

  1. Weekly Teaching Tip Series
  2. The TFS Master Idea Library
  3. Professional Network Help

e-Mentor Program Key Design Outcomes

  • Element 1. Gain instructional clarity and competence through the acquisition of knowledge of the Critical Success Factors of successful instruction.
  • Element 1. Solve basic and advanced teaching challenges through access to the TFS 12-Section Master Idea Library
  • Element 2. Continuous small increment teaching improvement nurtured via Weekly Tip Series
  • Element 3. Professional networking encourages 24-7 faculty-to-faculty help and assistance.

e-Mentor Program Annual Institutional Subscription

Fight adjunct isolation; show your adjuncts that they are
valued and your institutions is committed to supporting them.

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The Perfect Adjunct Faculty Program for a Success-Oriented College or University

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Faculty Comment—

I love all of the Success Tips so far, but the tip: GRANDMA'S RULE was the kicker I needed! These tips are priceless. It is great to have such reminders coming out weekly. I so appreciate your emails. They remind me of my goal: REAL learning. NOT just teaching!

They also give me ideas to shake up my curriculum that can seem boring to me after teaching it 3 times, and if it is boring to me, then it will come across as boring to the students. I really am passionate about my subjects, so I need to let these tips infuse my teaching and wake it up so that my students stay on the edge for the 5 hours I have them each week. So far NO ONE has fallen asleep in my class.

The students all state how fast the time flies in my classroom. "We are always so busy, there isn't time to look at the clock and see how much time is left!" That tells me they are engaged fully. Which is one of my teaching goals. BUT if they can't perform on quizzes or tasks, then I have to look at my teaching.... and change tactics. Thanks for the reminders; keep them coming!

~Sheryl, AMSL 101 Instructor

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Elizabeth Falconer,
eLearning Director,
Renton Technical College

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Faculty Comments

    Jack, The information provided is so on target. I can relate to each comment. It seems that I have misplaced my focus and have, perhaps forgotten why I wanted to teach. It became a chore because I was more concerned about errors, instead of my purpose and how it may impact students.

     Upon reading this information, I realized that I have a lot to learn about my delivery, and my students. They have become disruptive and defiant. I wondered about how to get them back on track, but I had no resolution.

    Your [TFS] teaching tools are a life saver. I don't know if you remember, I was worried about losing my job and my students were threatening to go to the Dean. Look at me, now. I have found what my students need from me. They are benefiting from your Program and from what I've learned through you. I love my students and they are just AWESOME. Thank you!"

Thank you so much for your guidance and information,
~A. S., Community College Adjunct Instructor

   Wanted to let you know that I am once again resorting to your helpful website to encourage myself a little bit! I have been hired to create an online course for a local University that I am currently teaching at face to face. I am a bit concerned that somehow I am not qualified, but I know I am because I am the subject expert! By reading over the different [TFS] Faculty Rapid Help Guides, I am feeling better already! Thanks so much again.

~ Kim T., Plymouth State University

     I appreciate the insights you have given me and the helpful suggestions for improved class response. [Tip #51] Simple but effective. Saves a lot of time and helps focus attention and support where needed. [Tip #50]

     Great suggestions. I truly appreciate the good advice. I think you are applying some of the teaching techniques in the ways you present information to readers like me. In some way I am both the teacher and the student when I read and think about the information you post.

The fall MBA capstone course has started and I have employed many of your suggestions with success.

~John MacDonald, Ashland University

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your e-Mentor Program. I am in my 3rd year of teaching, and I just moved from a Community College to a 4-year college.

    I am thrilled to have this position; however, your various resources have helped me along the way. I am just doing my syllabi now and will look at your recent Success Tips on outstanding syllabi.
    Thanks again from a very grateful educator!

~Melanie Fleming

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